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Desktop@Anywhere UCL - Lite or Full?

To access Desktop@UCL Anywhere users have the option to use either the Full or Lite versions. The table below details the key differences between the Full and Lite versions.

What version of Desktop@UCL Anywhere is best for you? 

The are two method to access D@UA: 

  1. Lite version – Using web browser (HTML5)
  2. Full version – Using Citrix Workspace Application (CWA)

There are a number of differences between the Lite and Full versions of D@UA.  The table below details the differences between the two versions and when they should be used. 

 AdvantagesDisadvantagesWhen to use 
Lite version
  • Quick & easy to use 
  • Does not require a local install of the Citrix Workspace App
  • Copy and paste with local files not fully functional
  • Unable to map drives to the client device (Windows & Mac)
  • Reduced Microsoft Teams functionality 
  • Slower internet browsing for some websites 
  • Limted media functionality
  • Advanced graphics not available (GPU options)
  • If you are unable to install CWA 
  • On devices where CWA is unavailable 
  • On temporary devices 
  • Provides full functionality 
  • Unable to install on some devices 
  • On Desktop@UCL devices 
  • When on your own devices 


For the best Desktop@UCL Anywhere experience we recommend downloading and installing Citrix Workspace formerly Citrix Receiver) before you log in.

However, if you are unable to install Citrix Workspace on your computer or device, you are still able to access the 'Lite' version of Desktop@UCL Anywhere directly from your browser. 

Help & Support

For further help and assistance you will need to contact the IT Services.