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The courses below are available to all UCL students to book. The booking system is not currently available but will become available from early October when new dates are published.

Word processing

Using Word 2016 for Dissertations and Theses
LaTex with NatBib


Excel Essential Skills - WORKSHOP 3
Excel Essential Skills - WORKSHOP 2
Excel Essential Skills - WORKSHOP 1
Excel 2016 to manage lists
Pivot Tables with Excel 2016
Advanced statistics with Excel 2016
Charting with Excel 2016


Kick-starting your literature review


Introduction to Photoshop CS4

Data analysis and visualisation

Getting started with Stata
Data Manipulation in R with Rstudio
Data Visualization in R with ggplot2
An Introduction to R with RStudio
Getting Started with SPSS


Introduction to Visualising Data with Matlab
Introduction to Research Programming using Python
Introduction to Matlab


A Quick Introduction to UNIX
Further UNIX

Introduction to Photoshop CS4 (Doctoral School)
This course provides an introduction to Photoshop CS4 and covers all the basic tools required to prepare an image for use online.Please ensure that you have enrolled on the Moodle course ISD IT Training and downloaded course materials prior to attending the course.
<ul><li>Photoshop CS4 Interface<li>Navigating your document<li>Selections and Advanced Selections<li>Painting Tools<li>Cropping and Transformations<li>Filters<li>Layers<li>Adjustment Layers<li>Saving for the web<//ul>
This is a trainer-led course delivered in a 3 hour session.
You should be a confident IT user. No prior experience with Photoshop CS4 is required. If you have advanced skills in another graphics package you will probably find this course unnecessary.