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ArcGIS Changes

ArcGIS Changes

When the new ArcGIS Agreement is agreed in August 2023, it will no longer cover site-wide deployment of ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap). This product is being retired and ArcGIS Pro will be the main desktop GIS software offered by Esri through the Agreement. Whilst many users have already transitioned over to using ArcGIS Pro, it is very important that those remaining now start to plan their migration away from ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap).

ArcGIS Pro offers many benefits including improved performance and integrated 3D visualisations. It also has a clear development plan with enhanced features being added every 6 months.

Learning on ArcGIS Pro - https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/86fe39cacc3a481db67025d4036c3495

Our ArcGIS portal can be found here where users you can download ArcGIS Pro - https://uclondon.maps.arcgis.com/ - this is available to staff and students via SSO.

ArcMap will be removed from all Desktop@UCL machines over the summer, while ArcGIS Pro is already available on them now.

Download ArcGIS Pro from ArcGIS Online if not already on your machine.

Follow these steps to download ArcGIS Pro from ArcGIS Online. Optionally, you can download a localised version.

  1. Sign in to your ArcGIS Online organization. - https://uclondon.maps.arcgis.com/
  2. At the top of the page, click your username and click My settings.
  3. On the My settings page, click the Licenses side tab.

    Your user type, role, and assigned licences are listed.

  4. Next to ArcGIS Pro, click Download ArcGIS Pro.
  5. In the Download window, review the Language setting. If you want to download a localised version of ArcGIS Pro, change the setting to the language you want.
  6. Click Download.

    An executable file (.exe) is downloaded to your computer.

ArcGIS Online + Apps

  1.  Getting Started  - turning spreadsheets into maps
  2.  Spatial Analysis in ArcGIS Online 
  3.  Making maps and Visualisations in ArcGIS Online 
  4.  3D in ArcGIS Online 
  5.  Share and Collaborate 
  6.  Schedule automated map updates 
  7.  Create a COVID-19 dashboard 

ArcGIS Pro

The list below should give a great overview of what users can do with ArcGIS Pro, moving from the basics of loading and visualising data, through to editing 3D features. This would also work as a conversion course for users familiar with ArcMap. In total, this list is around 35 hours of learning.

  1.  Getting Started with Pro 
  2.  Display Data in Pro  
  3.  Manage Map Layers 
  4.  Query data in Pro 
  5.  Coordinate systems 
  6.  Labeling in Pro 
  7.  Display Rasters in Pro 
  8.  Processing Rasters in Pro 
  9.  Geodatabases 
  10.  Terrain analysis in Pro 
  11.  Sharing maps through AGOL from Pro 
  12.  Working in 3D in Pro 
  13.  Editing 3D in Pro