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Project stages

The stages in the framework are the high level sequence of steps that projects will follow. This sequence is aligned to PRINCE2®. It should be noted that the Managing Solution Delivery and Go-Live & Handover stages may go through a number of iterations and therefore be made up of multiple stages and gates.

Project Start-UpProject Start-Up is a short stage (1-6 weeks) where the formation of the project team, refining the view on the project’s scope and feasibility and planning for the next Stage is carried out
Project InitiationProject Initiation represents a standard set of activities preceding both single-stage and multi-stage projects – providing products formative to the solution/service being delivered.
Managing Solution DeliveryThe delivery of all of the necessary products required to implement and test the solution ready for Go-Live. At the end of this stage, the project manager must be in a position to provide evidence to the service owner and the project board that the solution/service is ready to Go-Live and any Early Life Support arrangements (with exit criteria) are articulated and agreed.
Go-Live & HandoverReleasing the solution into the production environment and handing over to Operations for continued ownership. Early Life Support is provided by the project in line with what was documented and agreed earlier in the framework.
Project ClosureOnce the project has delivered and handed over its solution to live operations (be it a technology, process or organisational change), the project manager must ensure timely closure of the project, including elements such as producing a Closure Report and planning a Post Implementation Review.