Information Services Division


About PDF Standard

The standard delivery framework consists of five stages each of which  has a number of mandatory and conditional products. 

Gates are the doors and barriers to the various stages, and products need completing before a stage can be transitioned.      

Stage 1

G1: Project Start-Up

  • Maximum 6 week stage
  • Project Team is formed
  • Project's scope is defined
  • Feasibility and planning for next stage in carried out 

Stage 2

G2: Project initiation

  • Project approach is detailed
  • Requirements, products and timetable are exemplified 
  • The when, how and what are realised and understood

Stage 3

G3: Managing Solution Delivery

  • The solution is designed, developed, built and tested ready for Go-Live 
  • Business change and service delivery processes are developed
  • The solution becomes ready to be deployable

Stage 4

G4: Go-live & Handover

  • The solution is deployed to the production environment
  • The solution is handed over to the business operations team
  • Early support is often provided

Stage 5

G5: Project Closure

  • The project manager will close the project 
  • A closure report, lessons learnt and post-implementation review are all completed 
  • The project's finances are closed