Information Services Division


About PDF Express

Adopting PRINCE2, PDF Express is a condensed, lighter, governance model available for small and simple projects within ITCPD.

The Express PDF has three stages with each stage having various Mandatory Products and Conditional Products associated to them.     

Gates are the doors and barriers to the various stages, and products need completing before a stage can be transitioned    

Stage 1

G1: Project Start-Up & Initiation

  • The scope and nature of the project are determined 
  • The project manager will determine the what, when, how and who
  • Initial project costs are forecast 

Stage 2

G3: Managing Solution Delivery 

  • Design, develop, build, test and deploy the solution
  • Handover to the Business Operations' Team
  • The Project Manager

Stage 3

G5: Managing Solution Delivery

  • The solution is designed, developed, built and tested ready for Go-Live 
  • Business change and service delivery processes are developed
  • The solution becomes ready to be deployable