Information Services Division


ISD local inductions

Directory of ISD local induction contacts and links

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Directors Office

Chief Information Officer: Andy Smith

Faculty IT & Partnering

Director: Alan Harper

  • IT for LAWS
  • IT for SLMS Directors Office
  • IT for SLMS Brain Sciences
  • IT for SLMS Population Health Sci
  • IT for SLMS Medical Sciences
  • IT for SLMS Life Sciences
  • IT for SSEES
  • IT for Bartlett
  • IT for IOE
  • IT for Arts & Humanities
  • IT for SLASH

IT Portfolio & Product Delivery

Director: Sophie Harrison


Digital Education

Director: Fiona Strawbridge

  • Digital Education Services
  • Digital Education Advisory
  • Digital Education Futures
  • Digital Skills Development
  • Online Learning Design
  • Educational Media
  • Digital Accessibility
  • Digital Assessment

Chief Information Security Office

Director: Sarah Lawson

About CISO

IT Service Operations

Director: Tom Crummey

About ITSO

  • ITSO Service Management
  • ITSD CO Technical Operations
  • ITSO CO Data Centre Services
  • ITSD CO Technical Design & Delivery
  • ITSO SD Identity, Comms and Collab
  • ITSO SD Data Platforms
  • ITSO SM Apps Estates and Depts
  • ITSO SM Apps Research and Library
  • ITSO SD Apps HR and Finance
  • ITSO CI Endpoint Management Platforms
  • ITSD Customer Operations
  • ITSO Cloud & Infrastructure Platforms
  • ITSO Shared Data Platforms
  • ITSO CI Network Platforms
  • ITSD CO Technical Specialist
  • ITSO CI Cloud Platforms
  • ITSO SD Platform Engineering
  • ITSO SD Apps Registry Systems
  • ITSO SM Apps Education and Media


Director: Ric Passey

About Architecture

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Platform Architecture
  • Solution Architecture
  • Data Architecture