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Common questions

Common questions about upgrading to Windows 10

I am struggling to find a suitable time to upgrade my computer?

Here are a few ideas for when you could launch the upgrade:

  • before you go home
  • before you go out for lunch
  • when you are going to a meeting

Once you have launched the upgrade you will not need to touch your computer until the upgrade is complete.

How will I know when my computer is ready to be upgraded to Windows 10?

You will receive an email notification informing you that your computer is ready to be upgraded.

You will also receive an icon on your desktop which you can use to initiate the upgrade.

How do I launch the upgrade?

Click on the Windows 10 icon to start the upgrade process. You will then need to follow a few prompts to get the upgrade underway. This initial process will only take a couple of minutes.

Will all of my web browser bookmarks need to be backed up?

No, your internet explorer bookmarks will not be affected. You only need to back up your bookmarks for Chrome and Firefox.

NOTE: Your internet explorer bookmarks will be imported automatically into Chrome.

How do I back up my web browser bookmarks?

Refer to the relevant instructions below:

  • How to Back up Chrome Bookmarks
  • How to Restore Chrome Bookmarks
  • How to Back up Firefox Bookmarks
  • How to Restore Firefox Bookmarks 

Can I use my computer while the upgrade is taking place?

No. You will not be able to use your computer during the upgrade, however once the upgrade is underway you will not need to do anything else until the upgrade is complete.

After the Upgrade

How will I know when the upgrade is complete and my computer is ready to use again?

You will see a picture of with the time and date displayed. Press any key to access the log on screen.

A new ISD IT Services icon appeared on my desktop what do I use this for?

This icon should be used to log any requests with the IT Services. This can be for raising any subsequent issues with your computer.

What format should I use for entering my username to re-authenticate?

xxxxxxx@ucl.ac.uk is the username format you should use when logging in to applications which require authentication.


I have upgraded to Windows 10 and I can't log in to Outlook, what can I do?

Contact the IT Services to log a service request. In the interim, you can access Outlook via OWA (Outlook Web Access).


Can I find out which applications will and won't be reinstalled?

Yes, a list of applications  detailing which applications will be available as part of the upgrade and which applications will need to be reinstalled manually is available.

Why do some applications need to be reinstalled manually?

The Windows 10 Project team have assessed usage statistics for all applications used at UCL.

  • Applications used by ≥10 users have been packaged and will be reinstalled automatically.
  • Applications used by <10 users are not being packaged and therefore need to be reinstalled manually.