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Managing Solution Delivery & Handover

The second stage for PDF Express, where the solution is constructed and delivered. Elements of this phase may be repeated to accommodate multiple or phased deliverables.

For PDF Express you will move from Gate 3 to Gate 5. The main output of this stage is the Business Readiness Checklist. 

If the project is purchasing goods or service a Procurement Assessment may be needed

Mandatory Products

The Express PDF has several Mandatory Products associated to it that need completing. All products can be found under the ITCPD SharePoint site, which can also be accessed through the PDF Products link.

  • Business Readiness Checklist
  • Updated Financial Plan
  • Acceptance Into Service
  • Gate 5 (Express

Conditional Products

There are several Conditional Products that are attached to this stageT, these are divided into Planning and Change Products, Technical Project Products and Procurement Projects. Some of these products will only be needed for certain projects, especially when using Express PDF. Please check with PMO or your project Delivery Manager if and when these products apply.

Planning and Change Products

  • Next Stage Plan
  • User Guides
  • Training Plan
  • Test Plan
  • UAT - Scripts
  • Business Transition Plan

Technical Projects

  • Low Level Design
  • Release Management Plan
  • Technical Support Manual
  • Technical Quality Report 

Procurement Projects

If the project is purchasing goods or services then the Project Manager should carry out a Procurement Assessment and discuss the outcome with Procurement.

  • Contract Management and Mobilisation Plan
  • Contract Documentation 

Additional Procurement Plans

  • Procurement Timetable
  • OJEU Prior Information Notice 
  • OJEU Notice
  • Tender Bulletin
  • Pre-Qualification Questionnaire 
  • Pre-Qualification Evaluation
  • ITT & ITT Evaluation Score Sheet
  • Contract Award & Contract   




Express: A lighter PDF usually used for small or simple projects.
More Information
Standard: The full PDF, usually used for large, medium, or complex projects. More Information 

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