Information Services Division


Standard Framework: Project Initiation 

This stage focuses on requirements and planning.  The primary output of this stage is the Project Initiation Documentation.

There are a number of mandatory products for which templates are available, these are:

Mandatory Products

Conditional Products

The conditional products for this stage are:

Information Security

  • Information Risk Assessment - Project Risks and Treatment 

Business Change

  • Product Breakdown Structure for next stage
  • Product Quality Plan
  • As-Is and To-Be process Models (supplied by Business Analysis)
  • Training Requirements

Technical Delivery

Service Design and Transition 

  • Service Virtual Team membership List


Depending on the outcome of the Procurement Assessment and the chosen route-to-market, a number of additional products may be required.  Discuss with Procurement Services the following.

  • Procurement Timetable
  • Selection Questionnaire
  • Selection Questionnaire Evaluation Scoresheet
  • Invitation to Tender
  • ITT Evaluation Scoresheet
  • Contract