Information Services Division



Information Session Slidedecks

Presentation content from recent Information Sessions held at the Haldane Lecture Theatre.

Information Security [.pptx]

Business Case and Funding Stream

Financial Plan - contact ISD PMO as this is issued by PMO during Start-Up

Outline Business Case - contained within the Project Brief

Full Business Case - contained within the PID

Project Management & Governance Stream

Required Products Checklist [.xlsx]

Project Brief [.docx]

Project Brief with Guidance [.docx]

Risk and Issue Log [.xls]

PID [.docx]

PID with Guidance [.docx]

Monthly Project Progress Report [.docx]

Project Board Policy and Terms of Reference [.docx]

Change and Exception [.docx]

Change Notice [.docx]

Exception Report [.docx]

Project Closure Report [.docx]

Planning Stream

Plan for Project Initiation [.docx]

Project Plan [.docx]

Project Plan with Guidance [.docx]

Next Stage Plan [.docx]

Information Security Risk Treatment Plan [links to external page]

Stage Plan for Go-Live and Handover [.docx]

Project Initiation Product Breakdown Structure [.vsd]

PBS for Next Stage [.vsd]

Product Quality Plan [.docx]

Change Stream

Business Requirements with Guidance [.docx]

Business Requirements [.docx]

Information Security Requirements and Expectations [link to external page]

Information Security Capability Product [links to external page]

Business Readiness Checklist [.xlsx]

Business Readiness Checklist Guidance [.docx]

Training Requirements Template [.docx]

Training Plan Template [.docx]

Test Plan Template [.docx]

Example Test Plan [.docx]

Example Accessibility Test Script [.xls]

UAT - Script Template [.docx]

UAT - Example Script Template [.docx]

Business Transition Plan (coming soon)

As-Is and To-Be Process Model (coming soon)

Change Management Plan (coming soon)

User Guides (coming soon)

Technical Delivery Stream

Technical Lead Role Guidance [.docx]

Technical Assessment [.docx]

Proof of Concept [.docx]

High Level Design [.docx]

Systems Requirements Specification [.docx]

Release Management Plan [.docx]

Low level Design [coming soon]

Technical Support Manual [coming soon]

Technical Quality Report [.docx]

Code Review Reports [.docx]

Service Design and Introduction Stream

Service Description [.docx]

Service Virtual Team Membership [.docx]

Service Catalogue Entry (coming soon)

SLAs, KPI and Reporting (coming soon)

Early Life Support Plan [.docx]

Early Life Support Plan with Guidance [.docx]

Service Communications Plan (coming soon)

ITIL Core Process Checklist (coming soon)

Service Operations Checklist (coming soon)

Service Design and Introduction Stream Interim Resources

Service Design and Introduction Checklist [.xlsx]

Service Design and Introduction Manual [.docx]

Procurement Stream

Procurement Assessment [contact Procurement - Michelle Plimmer]

Open Procedure Timetable [contact Procurement - Michelle Plimmer]

Pre-Qualification Questionnaire [contact Procurement - Michelle Plimmer]

OJEU - Prior Information Notice (PIN) [contact Procurement - Michelle Plimmer]

OJEU - Notice [contact Procurement - Michelle Plimmer]

ITT Open Restricted Template [contact Procurement - Michelle Plimmer]

ITT Evaluation Score Sheet - Open Tender [contact Procurement - Michelle Plimmer]


Pre-Qualification Evaluation [contact Procurement - Michelle Plimmer]

Tender Bulletin [contact Procurement - Michelle Plimmer]

Contract Award [contact Procurement - Michelle Plimmer]

Contract [contact Procurement - Michelle Plimmer]

Contract Mobilisation and Management Plan [contact Procurement - Michelle Plimmer]

Contract Documentation [contact Procurement - Michelle Plimmer]

Gateway Checklists

Gate 1 Checklist [.docx]

Gate 2 Checklist [.docx]

Gate 3 Checklist [.docx]

Gate 3a Checklist [.docx]

Gate 4 Checklist [.docx]

Gate 4a Checklist [.docx]

Gate 5 Checklist [.docx]

Gate 6 Checklist [.docx]

Tools And Templates

Project Board - Project Status Summary Template [.pptx]