Information Services Division


Project Streams

The streams are the subject areas in which projects may execute and deliver the products/ activities required to achieve the project’s overall objectives.

The Business Case and Funding, Project Management and Governance, Planning and Change streams are always required as these are independent of the project type. Technical Delivery, Service Design and Introduction and Procurement streams are not always required as these are dependent on project content.

Stream Definition Owner
Business Case & Funding Building on the Portfolio Planning Process to secure continued financial investment throughout the project life-cycle.

Portfolio Manager

(Hazel Crompton)

Project Management & Governance Planning, delegating, monitoring and control of all aspects of the project to achieve the project objectives.

Senior Project Manager

(Clare Drought)

Planning Using schedules to plan and subsequently report progress in line with the Project Management & Governance stream. Defining staff resources required to carry out the project tasks.

Head of Project Delivery Services

(Bryan Solomon)

Change Defining the requirements and their impact on the business and its stakeholders, managing the transition of people to the target business and system environment.

Change Manager

(Lee Jenner)

Technical Delivery Managing the technology-specific elements of a project, including the products and process associated with application management and the underlying infrastructure.

Head of Application Development

(Anthony Rickaby)

Service Design & Introduction Ensuring that the service aspects of projects (whether new developments or changes to existing systems) are properly understood and managed.

Project Support Manager

(Julie Bailey)

Procurement Procuring goods and services across the whole project or as a number of multiple procurements to support different phases of the project.

Procurement Manager

(Michelle Plimmer)