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Managing Solution Delivery


This stage is the 'build' stage where most of the work happens! The project manager will be busy delivering against the plan.

For a long project, there may be several iterations of this stage, ending in several go-lives and passes through Gate 4 for different deliverables.

There is only one mandatory product

  1. Business Readiness Checklist [.xlsx]  and Business Readiness Checklist Guidance [.docx]

(Monthly Project Progress Reports continue throughout this stage)

The conditional products in Managing Solution Delivery Stage may be applicable to certain projects:

For technical and service-based projects, a lot of work is completed in this stage around preparing for service delivery and building the technical solution. These are key for the projects which include them.

Service Design and Introduction in Managing Solution Delivery Stage.

For projects delivering an output which will become a significant service or deliver a change to a significant service, these may be required:

A number of the Service Design and Introduction products are under development until the new Service Department is formed. Use of the Service Design and Introduction Checklist is recommended until this time:

Technical Delivery in Managing Solution Delivery Stage.

For projects delivering a significant technical component these may be required:

In Procurement projects

  • Contract Management and Mobilisation Plan [contact Procurement - Michelle Plimmer] may be required.

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