Information Services Division


ISD Governance

Our governance structure for IT and related services is based around five functional domains.

Each domain is overseen by a domain governance group and this group is expected to take a broad view to ensure information services effectively support the business plans and strategies in each domain area. The five domain groups report into Information Services Governance Committee (ISGC).


Education Information Services (EISGG)

UCL Research IT Governance Structures

Administrative Information

Digital Transformation (DTGG)

Each governance group is jointly accountable to a relevant senior UCL stakeholder or manager and also to the ISGC. Typically each domain group will be chaired by the person to whom the group is accountable. The aim of each group is to ensure the information services provided to a particular domain effectively meet current needs and evolve over time to meet future needs.

Where appropriate, it is important for multiple component services to be coordinated through the governance groups to ensure the overall service provided to the institution is fit for purpose and effective. For instance, in the learning space area, it will be necessary for plans, standards and strategies within ISD and Estates to be effectively coordinated through the Learning & Teaching domain group to ensure UCL’s learning spaces are provisioned effectively.

The ISGC has overall responsibility for ensuring plans, standards and architectures across all the five domains are consistent and properly integrated. The ISGC is also responsible for coordinating the overall project investment portfolio and for ensuring funding is appropriately apportioned between each domain area.