Information Services Division


Terms of Reference

    • Monitor the on-going operational performance of Infrastructure & common shared IT Services
    • Develop a roadmap for the evolution and enhancement of infrastructure & common shared IT services over a rolling 3 year period
    • Recommend which projects (otherwise known as ‘bids’) related to infrastructure & common shared IT services are included in the domain’s project portfolio for the forthcoming year. Review the portfolio each term and recommend updates as required by adding or removing projects within the overall capital budget allocated to Infrastructure & Common Shared IT Services by ISGC.
    • Oversight of projects aimed at changing existing services or adding new services.
    • Act as a customer representative for the greater UCL community on IT infrastructure & common shared services.
    • Be the reporting group for the Security Working Group. Receive the SWG reports.
    • Ensure that bids are considered in the context of reports from the SWG and ISG.
    • Be the reporting line for the recommendations and input arising out of the IT Manager’s Forum.
    • Membership to include:

             o   Chair of Security Working Group
             o   Chair of IT Managers Group
             o   Head of Information Security

    Extraordinary general meetings

    Exceptionally, members may call for extraordinary general meetings to discuss matters of concern where an issue arises which requires the input of the SWG, IISG, IRMG and IRGG , and is too serious or urgent to wait until the next scheduled meetings. Members must be informed of the purpose of the EGM so that they may attend in a position where they can discuss and exercise intelligent judgment, otherwise any resolutions passed are invalid.