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Student testimonials

Find out what our students have to say about studying at the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology.
Elsa Lee

Elsa Lee, Ophthalmology MSc

"The Institute has been driving the change in redefining the post-pandemic landscape of eye care. To learn at the centre of Institute’s research engine and the largest eye hospital in Europe was an opportunity unparalleled in the world."

Daniel Lindegger

Daniel Josef Lindegger, Research Pathways in Advanced Therapeutics MSc

"I chose to study at UCL because the Institute of Ophthalmology has an excellent international reputation and teaching faculty in addition to lab facilities in the heart of London."

Nora Thumbnail

Noha Mamdouh Mohamed Soliman, PhD Ophthalmology

"The UCL Institute of Ophthalmology is closely affiliated with Moorfields Eye Hospital, both of which are home to centres of research, teaching and training excellence in ophthalmology."

Yuyi Ren, MSc Clinical Ophthalmology

Yuyi Ren, MSc Ophthalmology

"UCL is an internationally recognised university and is ranked top 10 in the world. The Institute of Ophthalmology, partnered with Moorfields Eye Hospital, is considered the world’s best eye hospital"

Ge Yang, MSc Clinical Ophthalmology

Ge Yang, MSc Ophthalmology

"This course is attended by students and lecturers from different backgrounds which provided me with a unique experience. I found the lectures challenging but this pushed me to learn more."

Sunil is sat on a bench in the outdoors, smiling at the camera.

Sunil Timilsena, Research Pathways in Advanced Therapeutics MSc

"We are taught by world's leading scientists and researchers who have significantly contributed and are working in the field of our interest."

Kit Sum Tsui, MSc Clinical Ophthalmology

Kit Sum Tsui, MSc Ophthalmology

"The programme is run by top ophthalmologists. It provides opportunities to interact with world-leading clinicians from Moorfields Eye Hospital and other prominent institutions."

Philippa Harding, PhD Ophthalmology

Philippa Harding, PhD Ophthalmology

"The best part of my course is working with inspiring academics, and absorbing their insight on my ideas. I also find the chance to learn from experience extremely rewarding."

Photo of Jazmin, smiling at the camera.

Jazmin Desireth Reyes Martinez, Research Pathways in Advanced Therapeutics MSc

"What we are learning is truly the most advanced research and each subject is taught from a researcher directly involved in the topic."

 Chaitali Naik

Chaitali Naik, Advanced Clinical Practice in Ophthalmology (Degree Apprenticeship) MSc

"As well as gaining clinical knowledge, this programme provides training in research and leadership, which I feel really adds value to the scope for future practice."

Sejal Mistry

Sejal Mistry, Advanced Clinical Practice in Optometry and Ophthalmology Postgraduate Diploma

"It's very useful to hear first-hand experience, as well as clinical theory and guidelines, to be able to apply these teachings to clinical work, both in community and hospital optometry settings."

Josephine Nistrup Lamm

Josephine Lamm, MSc Bioscience Entrepreneurship

"I chose this programme because I wanted to employ my skills and passion for research and to have a more direct impact on the healthcare industry. Ultimately it was fundamental in merging my love for science with my interest in business"

Alex Vassallo

Alex Vassallo, MSc Bioscience Entrepreneurship

"UCL is one of the best universities in the world, so I knew that the connections and skills I would pick up during my Masters would transcend the traditional value offered by postgraduate education."
Kogilan Paramananthan

Kogilan Paramananthan, MSc Orthoptics (Pre-Registration)

"Orthoptics MSc ( Pre-Registration) provides the opportunity of having a diverse career path, such as being a clinical practitioner, management, research, education, and many more extended roles."
Joanna Thompson

Joanna Thompson, MSc Advanced Clinical Practice in Ophthalmology Degree Apprenticeship

"I enjoy the apprenticeship style of the course. I have worked in ophthalmology for years and had general knowledge of a lot of areas at a surface level. This was a chance to study areas in depth and then apply the new knowledge as I was being taught to the clinical skills and application in clinic by my colleagues."