UCL Institute of Ophthalmology



Principal Investigator

Professor Omar Mahroo

Picture of Omar Mahroo

Current Lab Members

Post-doctoral Research Scientists

  • Mr Mark Simcoe – investigating genetic epidemiology of eye diseases (co-supervisor: Dr Pirro Hysi).
  • Dr Jim Bellingham – genetic investigation of inherited retinal diseases (co-supervisor: Dr Gavin Arno).
  • Dr Sophie Glinton – applying machine learning methods to clinical electroretinography datasets (co-supervisor: Dr Anthony Robson).

PhD Students

  • Miss Xiaofan Jiang – developing new electroretinogram protocols to monitor retinal adaptation. (Awarded distinction for MSc project exploring isolated rod and cone system responses).
  • Miss Zihe Xu (based at KCL, primary supervisor: Dr Pirro Hysi) – associations between myopia-associated genetic loci and electrophysiology parameters. (Awarded distinction for MSc project on retinal light adaptation).

Research Students

  • Miss Megan Margetts – electroretinogram responses in Vitamin A deficiency (received the Dodt Award at the Annual Symposium of the International Society for Clinical Electrophysiology of Vision in 2020).
  • Mr Remi Rufus-Toye – investigating human cone photoreceptor light-sensitive current at early times following onset of intense backgrounds (received a Rob Clarke abstract award at the Future Physiology meeting organised by the Physiological Society in 2020).