UCL Institute of Ophthalmology


New lead for the MSc Bioscience Entrepreneurship programme

3 October 2022

Congratulations to Fiona Reid, new Associate Professor in this popular MSc programme. 

Fiona Reid

Fiona Reid is joining us this month from the UCL School of Management. She is taking over the role from Marcus Fruttiger who will work alongside as Deputy Programme Director. 

Prof Reid said:

It will be a pleasure and a privilege to build on Marcus’s foundation of the ground-breaking Bioscience Entrepreneurship programme at the institute. I’m joining from the UCL School of Management, where I’ve been teaching the business end to the BSE students for the last three years. I’m passionate about how universities, governments and research-based organisations can configure themselves to create new social and economic value from innovation. Before joining UCL in 2015, I was Founder-Director of the Oxford Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation for nine years at the Said Business School at Oxford University. I’ve also served as Director of UKCDR, leading the UK Government’s Chief Scientific Advisors and Chief Executives of the Research Councils, to create strategic outcomes for the UK’s £440m research spend on international development. I’ve always kept one foot in the private sector. This means helping build, and fund, science-based start-ups from the ground up. And at the receiver end, I’ve worked long-term on innovation and technology transfer with multinationals and international research institutes.