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Students' infographics on landmark glaucoma trials published

12 March 2021

As a way of developing science communication, visual literacy and critical appraisal skills, MSc Ophthalmology students were asked to create infographics of landmark glaucoma studies.


Rashmi Mathew and Dr Christin Henein are Module Lead and Deputy Module lead for the Glaucoma Module of the MSc Ophthalmology masters programme. They ran a science communication workshop with masters students, teaching them about visual literacy, shared decision making, risk communication and critical appraisal of the literature. To tie all the learning together, the students were asked to produce infographics on landmark glaucoma trials.

This week, five of the 12 student-led infographics were published in Eye Journal, just in time for World Glaucoma Week. The rest have been accepted for publication and will appear in subsequent issues. 

Dr Christin Henein and Ms Rashmi Mathew wrote an editorial on the subject in the paper titled "Use of infographics to communicate landmark glaucoma trials".

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