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UCL medical students receive commendation for Duke Elder Undergraduate Prize performance

7 May 2019

Congratulations to nine UCL students who were part of the top-performing candidates in the examination.

Faculty at Moorfields Duke Elder preparatory course February 2019

Nine undergraduate students from the UCL Medical School have received commendations from the President of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists for placing in the top 20 in the Duke Elder Undergraduate Prize Examination.

In March 2019, 458 students from 38 medical schools in the UK and Ireland competed in the Duke Elder Undergraduate Prize Examination, which takes place once every year in medical schools across the country.

The UCL students took part in clinical attachments and student selected component (SSC) with the Moorfields Undergraduate Education team. Many of these students led sessions and/or attended the Moorfields Duke Elder preparatory course in February 2019. Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is a strategic partner of the Institute of Ophthalmology.

Congratulations to the following students:

  • Nixon Yang (3rd place)
  • Daniel Porter, Priyal Taribagil, Ken Kawamoto (joint 4th place)
  • Liam Yin Nam Wong, Chuiki Jasmine La, Calum Jack (joint 8th place)
  • Ryan Nolan (14th place)
  • Keya Jafari (18th place)

We are delighted to support these talented students as they progress in their studies and seek to embark on successful careers in ophthalmology.