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Doctor on a mission to reinvent eye examination wins prestigious award

15 June 2016

Mock-up of a prototype binocular OCT device…

Moorfields doctor Pearse Keane has won a prestigious National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Clinician Scientist award. The first ophthalmologist in the UK to receive this award.

Pearse  intends  to reinvent the  way eye examinations are currently performed in hospitals  by using a new form of ocular imaging device, called binocular optical coherence tomography (OCT). The NIHR award which is just under one million pounds will fund this research work for the next five years.

Doctor Keane was also recently featured in the “Power List” of The Ophthalmologist magazine; in this worldwide list, he was ranked number four of the “Top 40” ophthalmologists “Under 40”.

Binocular OCT provides extremely high-resolution images of the eye in a completely non-invasive manner. For comparison, this imaging is much greater resolution than CT or MRI scanning, and can be obtained in only a fraction of a second.