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Research News

15 September 2015

Over the last year the Institute of Ophthalmology has been awarded funding for 70 research projects, worth almost £14.5 million. We would like to thank all of the organisations that support our research and congratulate the Institute researchers whose hard work is recognised by these awards.

A full list of new projects is shown below.

LeadValue £FunderTitle
Stockman, Prof Andrew49,112National institute for health researchGenotyping phenotyping and informatics
Davidson, Dr Alice200,000Fight for sightGenetic and molecular dissection of corneal endothelial dystrophies
Pearson, Dr Rachael100,000Fight for sightDo chondroitin sulphate proteoglycans in the diseased retina impair transplanted photoreceptor migration by inhibiting integrin signalling?
Webster, Prof Andrew100,000Fight for sightAn investigation of the molecular pathology of developmental macular dystrophies
van der Spuy, Dr Jacqui63,524Rp fighting blindnessSupporting the triage of lca patients for aip1-targeted gene therapy through the functional valildation of uncharacterised and novel aipl1 variants
Luthert, Prof Philip10,000Moorfields eye charityFluid mechanisms of choroidal circulation
Greenwood, Prof John30,000Stoneygate trustInvestigation of the potential protective effect of statins on neurovascular and neuronal function
Greenwood, Prof John30,000Rosetrees trustInvestigation of the potential protective effect of statins on neurovascular and neuronal function in the context of secondary progressive multiple sclerosis
Stockman, Prof Andrew501,464BBSRCAt and beyond the neural limits: visual psychophysics using an adaptive -optics visual stimulator
Bailly, Dr Maryse34,392Moorfields eye hospital special trusteesThe role of cellular stress in adipogenesis in thyroid eye disease (ted) 
Hardcastle, Prof Alison60,000Moorfields eye charityCorneal dystrophy genetics 
Hardcastle, Prof Alison128,083Moorfields eye hospital special trusteesGenetic mechanism of disease for x-linked retinal degenerations; characterising a new locus 
Bainbridge, Prof James50,638Moorfields eye hospital special trusteesInvestigating the role of myeloid cell hifs in retinal neovascularization 
Gazzard, Mr. Gus59,482British council for prevention of blindnessHealth-related quality of life in two treatment pathways for newly diagnosed open angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension in china: an unmasked randomised controlled trial of initial selective laser trapeculoplasty versus conventional medica 
Lengyel, Dr Imre621,488European commission horizon 2020Eye-risk exploring the combined role of genetic and non genetic factors developing age-related macular degeneration: a systems level analysis of disease subgroups, risk factors, and pathways 
Levine, Dr Tim69,624BBSRCDelivering structural bioinformatics to the yeast community with the HHPRY database
Michaelides, Prof Michel33,063Moorfields eye hospital special trusteesAssessing retinal structure and function longitudinally in Stargardt disease using in-depth advanced phenotyping 
Moss, Prof Stephen440,269MRCLipofuscin and the complement system in retinal pigment epithelial cell biology
Ohnuma, Prof Shin-Ichi4,000Great Britain Sasakawa foundationIn the footsteps of the pioneers : starting new dialogues 
Stockman, Prof Andrew18,360Fight for sightImaging fundus reflectometry for amd research and diagnosis: project update 
Limb, Prof Astrid60,563Moorfields eye charityNeurotrophin expression profile of human muller glia and its implications for rgc survival and neural regeneration of the retina 
Daniels, Prof Julie37,322Moorfields eye charityEquipment purchase to support stem cell research programme 
Garway-Heath, Prof Ted36,697National institute for health research biomedicalTheme 5: visual assessment and imaging 
Ohnuma, Prof Shin-Ichi314,783Moorfields eye hospital special trusteesIdentification and characterisation of novel genes that influence progression and malignancy of retinoblastoma 
Ali, Prof Robin2,986,496MRCClinical trial of gene therapy for the treatment of leber congenital amaurosis
Eden, Dr Emily432,760MRCFormation and function of membrane contact sites between the er and the
Keane, Dr Pearse977,071National institute for health researchBinocular OCT - reinventing the eye examination 
Carandini, Prof Matteo250,000Wellcome trustDecisions and dopamine in frontal cortical circuits 
Hardcastle, Prof Alison249,910Moorfields eye charityProbing rp2 mechanisms of disease using patient ips cells 
Ruhrberg, Prof Christiana100,855British heart foundationDefining the role of neuropilin 1 (nrp1) in vascular permeability 
Sivaprasad, Miss Sobha79,000Fight for sightStructure-function correlation in age related maculopathy 
Carr, Dr Amanda53,898Macular disease societyUsing induced pluripotent stem cells to investigate bestrophin associated macular degeneration 
Ali, Prof Robin60,000Batten disease family associationGene therapy to treat visual failure in NCL 
Charoy, Dr Camille26,250International brain research organizationEstablishment of left-right asymmetry in developing nervous system 
Pearson, Dr Rachael171,429Macula vision research foundationRetinal repair using embryonic stem cell derived photoreceptors: defining the window of transplantation competence 
Dart, Mr. John15,500Moorfields eye charityThe role of interleukin - 13 in the pathogenesis of ocular MMP 
Dart, Mr. John9,000Moorfields eye charityAutoantigen & genetic determinants of disease in mucous membrane pemphigoid 
Ali, Prof Robin1,101,688MRCOptimisation of human esc-derived photoreceptor cell differentiation
Bhattacharya, Prof Shomi30,407Moorfields eye hospital special trusteesRole of spata13 in angle closure glaucoma 
Coffey, Prof Pete1,588,330MRCScalable production of RPE cells from induced pluripotent stem cell under GMP
Greenwood, Prof John45,000Rosetrees trustIdentification and validation of vascular therapeutic targets for the treatment of retinal disease 
Hardcastle, Prof Alison56,000National institute for health researchFunding for consumables associated with corneal genetic studies and your collaborative work with Mr Steve Tuft 
Pearson, Dr Rachael46,822Moorfields eye hospital special trusteesModulating gliosis to improve photoreceptor transplantation outcome in the diseased retina 
Webster, Prof Andrew45,400National institute for health research biomedicalBrc2_048 research funding award for rare diseases (Stargardt disease) 
Stockman, Prof Andrew416,283BBSRCMultiple signals interact in flicker: recursive surround networks
Murdoch, Mr. Ian30,000International glaucoma associationPrimary glaucoma treatment trial in Kenya and South Africa - slt vs medication 
Lengyel, Dr Imre58,850Optos plcThe relationship of peripheral retinal deposits in age related macular degeneration and Alzheimers disease 
Dart, Mr. John14,550Fight for sightA contemporary epidemiological case control study of acanthamoeba keratitis in the uk 
Dick, Prof Andrew15,000Fight for sightInvestigation of annexin-a1 expression in healthy and uveitis ocular tissue 
Greenwood, Prof John93,746Innovate ukEvaluating novel monoclonal antibodies to target adam 15 for a potential novel ocular anti angiogenesis therapy 
Hardcastle, Prof Alison102,808RP fighting blindnessThe RP genome project 
Khaw, Professor Sir Peng987,264National institute for health researchA novel biocompatible implant for glaukoma surgery: the biochannel device 
Moosajee, Dr Mariya14,920Fight for sightIdentifying universal clefting genes that cause ocular and eyelid coloboma 
van der Spuy, Dr Jacqui15,000Fight for sightSupproting the triage of lca patients for aipl1-targeted gene therapy through the functional validation of uncharacterized and novel aipl1 variants 
Bailly, Dr Maryse10,000Rosetrees trustResearch project studying characterisation of a novel marker for trachoma scarring and validation as a potential target for anti scarring treatments in the eye 
Cheetham, Prof Mike170,000Fight for sightTransplantation of human ipsc - derived photoreceptor progenitors into rodent retina to understand inherited retinal disease mechanisms and develop therapies 
Daniels, Prof Julie100,000Fight for sightS/ship tbc: development of therapeutic applications for corneal stromal stem cells 
Garway-Heath, Prof Ted100,000Fight for sightWhich mechanisms confer resistance to glaukomatous neurodegeneration in ocular hypertention patients; relevance to neuroprotection 
Levine, Dr Tim3,750F2g ltdStudying novel start proteins to develop inhibitors that sensitise invasive fungi to amphotericin b
Limb, Prof Astrid96,020Moorfields eye charityRole of gliosis in the control of the regenerative ability of Muller stem cells in the adult human retina 
Michaelides, Prof Michel139,265National institute for health researchResearch funding award for research into achromatopsia 
Pearson, Dr Rachael27,778Alcon research institutePhotoreceptor replacement therapy for the treatment of retinal retina degeneration 
Yu Wai Man, Dr Patrick11,600National institute for health researchNIHR rare diseases translational research collaboration initiative: genotyping, phenotyping & informatics theme 
Lengyel, Dr Imre39,930Moorfields eye hospital special trusteesDominic Patel multimodal imaging of zinc in the human eye 
Bailly, Dr Maryse18,500Moorfields eye hospital special trusteesCharacterisation of a novel marker for trachoma scarring and validation as a potential target for anti-scarring treatments in the eye 
Bailly, Dr Maryse100,000Fight for sightThe role of src family kinases in thyroid eye disease: disease mechanisms and therapeutic potential 
Jeffery, Prof Glen75,000Kings college hospital nhs foundation trustUsing near infra red to modulate retinal atp and inflammation in age related macular degeneration 
Bhattacharya, Prof Shomi18,000Moorfields eye hospital special trusteesWhy do mutations in ubiquitously expressed genes result in a retina specific disease like retinitis pigmentosa 
Lightman, Prof Susan253,750Moulton charitable trustCan simvastatin significantly reduce the amount of immunosuppressive medication required by patients with sight threatening uveitis? 
Michaelides, Prof Michel168,606Macular disease societyAssessing retinal structure and function longitudinally in stargardt disease using in-depth advanced phenotyping in preparation for planned therapeutic intervention