UCL Institute of Ophthalmology


“Inspiring Women in Ophthalmology” celebration and Inauguration of the Marcelle Jay Room

22 September 2015

Marcelle Jay…

To celebrate the tremendous contribution made by Marcelle Jay to the study of Genetics at the Institute of Ophthalmology and Moorfields Eye Hospital, a meeting room at the Institute was dedicated in her name as part of our “Inspiring Women in Ophthalmology” celebration event on the 8th September.

The re-naming is part of an ongoing effort to inspire and celebrate women in the field of ophthalmic research. The room, which is frequently used to host meetings and events, has been redecorated with a display highlighting the career achievements of 24 prominent female researchers and ophthalmologists.

The evening began with introductions by Maryse Bailly, Chair of the Athena Swan Committee and Professor Philip Luthert, Director Institute of Ophthalmology. Mariya Moosajee then introduced Professor Veronica van Heyningen who delivered a keynote lecture, detailing her life-long research into the genetics of aniridia and microphthalmia/anophthalmia. This was followed by a ribbon cutting ceremony and a reception, all of which were well attended by visitors, staff and students.