UCL Institute of Ophthalmology


New Athena Swan representatives appointed

9 October 2015


Out with the Old, in with the New! A great thank you and farewell to Angshu, Barbara and Viv, our previous Athena SWAN student and postdoc representatives.

I am delighted to introduce you to the new Junior representatives on the Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team: 

Students: Anastasia Lampropoulou (Cell Biology; a.lampropoulou@ucl.ac.uk); Erika Aquino (ORBIT; e.aquino@ucl.ac.uk)

Postdoc: Rose Richardson (ORBIT; rose.richardson@ucl.ac.uk)

Research Assistant: Radhika Sheth (ORBIT; radhika.sheth@ucl.ac.uk)


Students, postdocs, research assistants, these bright young ladies will your first point of contact for questions and feedback to the team. All 4 are very keen to continue to engage the junior researchers' community and contribute towards helping career progression. We wish them a very warm welcome on the Athena SWAN Self Assessment Team

On behalf of the Athena SWAN SAT