UCL Institute of Ophthalmology


UK Japan Retinal Degeneration Symposium 12 March.

11 March 2015

The British Embassy in Japan is supporting the UK Japan Retinal Degeneration Symposium that is taking place it the Institute Lecture Theatre on March 12th.

All are welcome to attend



10:00-10:30: Coffee

Chair: Prof. Shin-ichi Ohnuma

10:30-10:45: Opening remark

                        Prof. Phil Luthert (Director, UCL Institute of Ophthalmology)

                        Prof. Pete Coffey (Head, ORBIT UCL)

10:45-11:30: Prof Sumiko Watanabe (The University of Tokyo)

                        Title: Regulation of retinal differentiation and maintenance by Histone H3K27 methylation

11:30-12:15: Prof. Astrid Limb (UCL Institute of Ophthalmology)

                        Title: Potential of Müller glia for developing therapeutic approaches to treat retinal degenerative disease

12:15-13:30: Lunch

Chair: Prof. Astrid Limb

13:30-14:15: Dr Takayuki Harada (Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science)

                        Title: Neuroprotection and Optic Nerve Regeneration in a Mouse Model of Normal Tension Glaucoma

14:15-15:00: Prof Toru Nakazawa (Tohoku University)

                        Title: Translational research for glaucoma treatment

15:00-15:45: Prof. David Garway-Heath (UCL Institute of Ophthalmology)

                        Title: Mitochondria (a potential target for neuroprotection) and clinical trial design to demonstrate neuroprotection

15:45-16:00: Closing remark

            Prof. David Garway-Heath

16:00-17:00: Coffee/discussions