UCL Institute of Ophthalmology


Grant successes for IoO researchers

11 December 2015

Congratulations the following members of IO staff who have had research grants announced in October and November 2015. We'd also like to thank the awarding bodies who enable us to deliver high caliber research that has the potential to change lives.  

PIFunderTitle IoO Amount 
John MarshallFIGHT FOR SIGHTAn Investigation using Shearing Interferometry to determine the biomechanical properties associated with refractive surgery using the smile technique in comparison with LASIK £  43,000
Mike CheethamMRCMolecular chaperone function and motor neuron degeneration £550,799
Robin AliMRCOvercoming immunological barriers to regenerative medicine £185,681
James BainbridgeBAYER PLCEducational grant towards the purchase of 5 vials of Eylea £    4,080
Robin AliWellcome TrustDevelopment of an AAV vector for treatment of Batten disease caused by mutations in TPP1 (CLN2 disease) £  53,875
James BainbridgeMRCDevelopment of an opticin-based anti-angiogenic therapeutic for the treatment of ocular disease £247,835
John DartSpecial TrusteesTravel support grant for ARVO attendance £    1,885
Naushin WaseemSpecial TrusteesFunctional Characterisation of Pigment Dispersion Syndrome associated mutations in Obscurin £  20,000
Mariya Moosajee BIPOSAOcular-eyelid coloboma and facial clefts- a genetic study to identify universal clefting genes £    5,000
Alison Hardcastle  ProQRTowards a therapy for Fuch's Corneal Dystrophy caused by expanded repeats of the TCF4 gene £  84,195
Robin AliSpecial TrusteesDifferentiation of human embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells into photoreceptors using bioreactor technology. £  13,613
Phil Luthert BBSRCAn integrated computational model of human outer retinal bioenergetics and effects of ageing £368,544