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Vision@UCL: Professor Peter Bex

23 April 2018, 4:30 pm–5:30 pm

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Professor Peter Bex will present on 'Assessment, Simulation and Correction of Binocular Vision Impairment'

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Room G03 26 Bedford Way London WC1H 0AP

Current clinical binocular assessment methods depend primarily on insensitive tests of stereoacuity (e.g. Stereo Fly), suppression (e.g. Worth 4 dot) and ocular alignment (e.g. Cover Test). Recent virtual reality-based approaches to the treatment of binocular vision impairment have enabled much greater control of therapeutic stimuli but require more sensitive assessments of their efficacy over current treatments. We have developed a range of novel tests that quantify the spatial frequency-dependence of contrast sensitivity, inter-ocular suppression and stereo-acuity; and the eye posture-dependence of ocular alignment. These tests take less than 5 minutes each to complete yet show high sensitivity and reliability.

We show that treatments based on interocular manipulations of blur, contrast, and luminance have profound consequences for oculomotor control and depth perception. Furthermore, these approaches do not address ocular misalignment that may limit treatment outcomes. We show that dichoptic saccade adaptation can transiently induce and reverse interocular alignment and alters depth perception. This work aims to provide a comprehensive framework for the assessment and correction of binocular vision deficits.

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