UCL Institute of Ophthalmology


IoO Creative

Tuesday 20 February 2018 (2 pm - 5 pm); The Trampery, 293 Old Street, EC1V 9EY

Croud of people

6 August 2019


IOO Creative aimed to address the limited opportunities to bring together groups (i.e. professional services, technicians, students, postdocs and PIs) across the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology (IOO) who do not traditionally have the opportunity to meet and provide them with a much-needed opportunity to network between research disciplines and across roles.

Through the use of artistic mediums (i.e. paintings, photographs, sculpture, art, video etc.) in a gallery-style setting; IOO Creative sort to provide a sense of inclusivity and unity among attendees and enable everyone to interact and engage in a conversation about the research at the Institute. Pieces were submitted by individuals from a wide range of groups including professional services, technicians, students, postdocs and PIs, and the same range of people also attended the day, along with representatives of Moorfields Eye Charity. Over 100 people attended in total.

IOO Creative has helped to reinvigorate our culture of collaboration in advance of a number of new, more traditional research events aimed to stimulate new research collaborations and professional development. The exhibits from the day will be displayed across the IOO in both the research spaces and common room. Many of the attendees have asked for the event to be repeated next year and a similar event for patients and public audiences, including local schools, is planned for the future.


22 exhibitions with multiple people associated with many of them. Pieces were submitted by individuals from a wide range of categories and include professional services, technicians, students, postdocs and PIs (gender split of the exhibitors was Male = 13, Female = 14)


    Responses to post-event questionnaire:

    • Following the event, 73.5% of attendees agreed that they are now more aware of other groups and facilities at IOO 

    • 92.8% agreed that the event was well organised 

    • 97.6% agreed that the venue, which was off-site, was fit for purpose 

    • 85.8% agreed that the event was held at the right time of day (2-5pm)

    • 83.3% gave an overall rating of ‘Excellent’, with the remaining 16.7% rating it as ‘Good’

    • 100% said they would attend an event like this again 

    ‘What did you enjoy most about the event’ - a selection of responses: 

    • seeing what different groups do and talking with people in the informal atmosphere seeing science as art!

    • seeing other groups from the IOO and the wide range of work Interactive aspect

    • getting to know what other people at IOO do 

    • bringing the creativity to science

    • the fantastic creativity of my colleagues the atmosphere, displays and variety

    • all the exhibits were amazing, and the venue and atmosphere was great

    • interaction with other groups/people

    • appreciating the work of people at the Institute

    • learning what other teams are doing

    • sharing of data in relaxed setting

    • learning about what others are doing at the IOO in a cool, fun and sociable way

    • seeing work from across the whole institute opportunity for casual communication with colleagues from other areas

    • seeing the beautiful (and funny) work created by others

    • great to see all the wonderful exhibits and researchers

    • very well organised

    • I enjoyed everything about the event

    • I think people that entered made good contributions and well executed

    • very many talents.