ION-DRI Programme


Space management

The purpose of this initiative is to provide a solution for managing space and technology support systems.


The initiative aims to provide a solution for management of space and the associated smart technology support systems, which combined will support high-performance research and collaboration activities and create operational efficiencies.


  • Create the ability to monitor space utilisation and redesign space to ensure it’s efficiently utilised and meets IoN’s evolving needs.
  • Implementing world-class systems and smart technologies to support high-performing research and administration areas. 
  • Ability to drive real-time improvements to the management and utilisation of space from actionable feedback and standardised processes that are integrated with ISD and FM service models.


  • Compliance with FM and ISD policies and procedures. 
  • Promotion of cultural change to a self-service model via the introduction of single sign-on that allows people to book meeting rooms and associated technologies.
  • Improved standards of technology and working practices underpinning the research and administration operations. 
  • Year on year efficient utilisation of space for research and administration. 
  • Continual improvement on working practices facilitated through technology and associated process flows and SOPs.