ION-DRI Programme


Our Community

The IoN-DRI community is made up of academics, clinicians, patients and their families and carers, researchers and students, technical and professional services staff, local residents, artists, donors and community groups.

Since the concept to create a centre of excellence for neuroscience was introduced in 2013, hundreds of people have been on the journey to make this ambitious project a reality. Many hundreds more will continue to plan, collaborate and innovate to reach our goal of translating discoveries into treatments that have a real impact on patients with disabling neurological conditions

Our community is made up of colleagues at UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology and the UK Dementia Research Institute; the doctors and staff working with their patients at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery and the artists and designers transforming this world-class facility into an inspiring and uplifting place to visit and work.

Together with our construction team, architects, project managers and our next-door neighbours – residents and local community groups,  we are all working together to build a world-class research and treatment environment to fight neurological diseases, which are now the world’s leading cause of disability.

ION-DRI team bury the time capsule

Meet the Team

We meet some of the people and teams working behind-the-scenes to make this ambitious project a reality

Clara Zourray in the lab

Lab Life

We go behind the scenes to hear more about what's happening in our pioneering labs across ION

Fluo Neurons

Translation & Discovery in Action

We hear from the researchers, clinicians who are working to translate neuroscience discoveries into ground-breaking new diagnostics and therapies for patients

ISG community garden initiative

Our neighbours

We're working closely with our neighbours, residents and local community to create a welcoming environment for patients, visitors, workers and residents to enjoy