ION-DRI Programme



UCL is taking its world-leading neuroscience to the next level to tackle dementia and other brain disorders.

Globally leading research into neurological diseases

For more than three decades, UCL has worked at the frontiers of brain science: making fundamental discoveries about brain function and behaviour, transforming our ability to treat neurological and psychiatric disorders, and training the next generation of scientists and clinicians. With the visionary support of funders, we are set to achieve a neuroscience revolution which will improve the lives of millions.

A new home for 21st century neuroscience

To truly transform the landscape for patients, we need to transform how we work. We are planning a new facility at the core of London’s unique health ecosystem. This will give us the best environment to support research at the scale and pace we need to find cures for this urgent global health challenge.

Built to translate fundamental research into cures, faster and at scale, our new centre will bring clinicians, researchers, industry partners and patients together under one roof in one of the world's most exciting research environments, underpinned by visionary philanthropy.

Inside the flagship centre

  • Over 500 researchers from a range of disciplines working across six floors
  • Cutting-edge research labs, teaching facilities and collaborative workspaces
  • A new headquarters for the UK Dementia Research Institute and its largest research group
  • specialised patient care and clinical services
  • Outpatient facilities and public spaces that put patients at ease

"Dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases severely affect the lives of individuals and their families. There is an urgent need to find better ways to diagnose and treat people with these devastating disorders.  Having the facilities that prioritise collaboration and bring together the researchers, clinicians and patients that will enable us to do this is vital.  The visionary support of funders is crucial to us achieving this.” Professor Michael Hanna, Director of the UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology

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