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Annie Cattrell

Annie Cattell has been commissioned to make a series of major public artworks for the new site at 256 Grays Inn Road

Annie Cattrell
Annie Cattrell was born in Glasgow and studied Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art, University of Ulster and the Royal College of Art. She is a multidisciplinary visual artist who often works with specialists in neuroscience, meteorology, engineering, psychiatry, and the history of science.

With an approach characterised by close observation, Annie is drawn to symmetries, discrepancies and inaccuracies which allow her to see how structures, patterns or new understandings can emerge both conceptually and physically.


This ‘noticing’ is partly aimed at capturing the fleeting and what is not obviously visible, highlighting the almost imperceptible changes, flux and transformations that are ceaselessly occurring inside the human body and in the natural world.

Annie is producing three different artworks for 256 Grays In Road,  Everything is Connected sited on the exterior corner of the new building, Mirror, for the ceiling entrance from Grays Inn Road and Wise Words - interior text artworks that make visible
the expectations and hopes of the clinical and research staff.

Everything is Connected artwork concept

Annie Cattrell: Work in Progress

See early concepts, visualisations and work-in-progress for the public artworks for Grays Inn Road

Annie Cattrell

In Conversation with Annie Cattrell

Find out more about Annie's practice and how the relationship between art and neuroscience has shaped her work