ION-DRI Programme


Construction progress

See how construction at 256 Grays Inn Road is progressing through our regularly updated site images and timelapse footage.

Planning permission for 256 Grays Inn Road was granted in September 2019.

Ground-breaking ceremony

In May 2021 UCL President & Provost Dr Michael Spence was joined by construction partner ISG and University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to break ground.
Click here to watch the ceremony and see pictures from the event.

The new building is on track to be completed and populated by 2024

Construction progress

In November 2021, we commenced propping installation and bulk excavation. Propping is the use of temporary materials to support the loads of  the structure during construction. This was done in tandem with the excavation of site in preparation for the lower floors, of which we have recently  reached the bottom. Both processes were completed in February 2022. Following this, we are well underway with steel reinforcement installation and concrete slab pours. These two phases work together by combining steel bars with plain cement concrete to make reinforced concrete. This process will ensure the building is primed to house the six floors of innovative research activity, patient care and cutting-edge equipment within 256 Grays Inn Road once it opens.

Site images

Timelapse footage

Sep-Oct 2021 (View A)

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Sep-Oct 2021 (View B)

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Apr-May 2021 (View A)

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Apr-May 2021 (View B)

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December 2020

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October 2020

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September 2020

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