ION-DRI Programme


Specialist chemical management

The purpose of this initiative is to provide an effective management solution for specialist chemicals, ensuring legal and regulatory compliance.


The initiative aims to provide a management solution for specialist chemicals by regulating the procurement processes, onsite use, storage and disposal processes to ensure legal and regulatory compliance.


  • Deliver a consistent training message with clear instructions for specialist chemicals that are adaptable to changing legislation.
  • Govern specialist chemical holdings from the point of entry to the Grays Inn Road (site procurement and transfer from other UCL sites) to waste removal.
  • Regulate user accessibility to specialist chemicals.
  • Create the ability to track, monitor and measure holdings of all specialist chemicals. 
  • Ensure legal and regulatory compliance relating to specialist materials management.


  • Promotion of cultural change as a result of standardised training and practices associated with specialist chemical handling.
  • Compliance with relevant legislation.
  • Improved standards of specialist chemical handling resulting from the training programme that increases awareness and reduces risks of non-compliance.
  • Consolidation of holdings resulting in the reduction of total amounts stored on-site and increased safe handling of the chemical.
  • Year on year continual improvement, including regular review of and improvement in best practice against appropriate targets and key performance indicators.