ION-DRI Programme


Sample processing

The purpose of this initiative is to improve efficiency and better meet the needs of staff by providing standardised approaches to biospecimen sample collection, processing and quality control.


The initiative aims to provide standardised approaches to biospecimen processing that are operationally efficient, cost effective and responsive to staff needs.

Solutions provided by this initiative will enable multiple existing sample-processing laboratories to converge into a single centralised IoN processing facility.


  • Standardise guidelines and approaches to biospecimen collection to optimise sample stability and to ensure consistent sample quality.
  • Establish consolidated and coordinated sample-processing flows from multiple laboratories within the dual hub to a single sample-processing facility in GIR with a full chain of custody along the way.
  • Provide cost-efficient methods of sample-processing that make best use of economies of scale with all procedures under regular review.
  • Ensure that samples are processed according to strict quality assurance and control criteria and that Q.C. data is openly available via a biorepository database.
  • Goal 5: Consolidate the necessary infrastructure, processes and expertise to form a single centralised sample-processing facility, avoiding duplication of multiple resources.


  • Consolidation of existing processing pathways into a single simplified pipeline.
  • Time and cost savings on laboratory processes associated with DNA/RNA extraction, serum/plasma generation, CSF processing, quality control testing and sample data basing.
  • Cost savings on outsourcing requirements via economies of scale.
  • Increased visibility and accessibility to sample holdings and their processing histories, encouraging data sharing and collaboration.
  • Improved sample quality by standardising quality management approaches.
  • A more efficient solution to transport, organise, and track clinical samples throughout their processing lifecycle.
  • Operational efficiencies provided by a one-stop shop for all sample processing needs with automated cross-charging.