ION-DRI Programme


Licensing and permissions

The purpose of this initiative is to ensure that IoN adheres to scientific licensing requirements and permissions.


The initiative aims to ensure a seamless continuity of operations by putting scientific licensing and permissions in place prior to occupation of Grays Inn Road and to ensure the continued adherence to license conditions following occupation.


  • Ensure that all licence applications, including amendment and transfer applications, are submitted in a timely manner to allow a seamless and uninterrupted flow of activities.
  • Establish a consolidated and centralised resource of QS-IoN licensing requirements that are open and transparent to all stakeholder groups.
  • Provide appropriate solutions to record and capture all materials relevant to licensing requirements upon purchase / entry to QS-IoN premises.
  • Ensure that all licensing conditions and safety considerations are employed and promoted across the dual hub.
  • Standardise guidelines and processes to ensure that all new applications or amendments to existing applications are routed and recorded via a centralised facility.


  • Consolidation of multiple existing licensing data resources into a single centralised platform.
  • A more efficient solution to ensure regulatory compliance by monitoring and reporting access permissions, training requirements, renewal notifications and auditable records.
  • Enhanced data management efficiencies by combining track and trace, inventory management and utilisation /disposal systems.
  • A consolidated, centralised and transparent data source to support time and cost savings on administrative duties associated with statutory reporting, regulatory compliance and auditing processes.
  • Time and cost savings on application processes through a comprehensive, streamlined guidance and educational resource.