ION-DRI Programme


Core infrastructure services

The purpose of this initiative is to provide centralised services that aid laboratory and core facilities.


The initiative aims to provide a range of centralised services, supported by the necessary infrastructure, that aid laboratory and core facility function and are flexibly responsive to the requirements of researchers and stakeholders.


  • Establish a service level agreement for each service component that sets out the required standards and which responds flexibly to customer feedback. 
  • Ensure that regulatory and safety considerations are employed and promoted for all central service requirements in the dual hub.
  • Standardise guidelines and process flows for all centralised services, including service and performance management data collection and their subsequent analysis. 
  • Enable flexible access to core infrastructure services via an online booking solution, where appropriate.
  • Consolidate the necessary infrastructure, equipment and expertise to form centralised facilities and associated laboratories.  


  • Cost savings on laboratory processes associated with autoclave processing, glass wash, laboratory and equipment sterilisation. 
  • Operational efficiencies created by standardising operating procedures and establishing service level agreements for all core infrastructure services. 
  • Cost savings on outsourcing requirements for laboratory and equipment VHP sterilisation.
  • Built in performance management processes to incrementally improve service offerings and allow service evolution to better meet the needs of end users. 
  • Reduced expenditure on equipment maintenance and repair costs by restricting access to high value items of equipment to trained and dedicated technical personnel.