ION-DRI Programme


Annie Cattrell: Work in Progress

Over the summer, photographer Stefan Stefanou joined lead artist Annie Cattrell, in the art studio at Grays Inn Road, to capture some of her working processes. These images show Annie making and developing models and digital drawings for 'Mirror' and 'Everything is Connected' - two of the major art commissions that she is making for the new centre.

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Annie is shown here making an architectural cut out drawing using gold backed signage material of 'Everything is Connected'. This process helps her to work out how the sculpture will fit and curve around the architectural corner. Image by Stefan Stefanou 

'Mirror' will be located on the ceiling of the main threshold entrance to the new centre. The concept and aim of 'Mirror' will be to reinforce ideas of care, skill and interconnectedness, how the endeavours of many converge to become one. Using visual sculpted mirroring techniques to accentuate the interconnectivity of everything that happens onsite. The work will be cast as a bas-relief and finished by gilding using silver and gold leaf.  Image by Stefan Stefanou

This image shows the development of the gilded surface of 'Everything is Connected'. Annie has been making numerous samples of textures and is currently working with technical staff at the Royal College of Art,  where she teaches, to make some routed scale topographic gilded samples.  

Annie is using a 3D digital model of the building, provided by architects Hawkins\Brown, to wrap 'Everything is Connected' virtually around the 90 degree corner.