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Q&A with Xuran Han

Xuran graduated from the Applied Linguistics MA in 2018 and is now doing a Psychology and Human Development PhD. She is interested in researching bilingual language processing and cognitive control.

Applied Linguistics MA student Xuran Han

Hi Xuran!

What made you choose to study at the UCL Institute of Education (IOE)?

I knew I wanted to study applied linguistics at Master's level and pursue a career in research, and a teacher from my Bachelor's degree recommended the IOE as an outstanding, world-renowned research institute.

Which elements did you enjoy most about your programme?

  1. The study and research environment at the IOE met my expectations perfectly. There are abundant open resources, including both library resources and IT skills support, which are helpful for me to improve my research abilities and to lay the foundations for my future career.
  2. The curriculum structure provides students with sufficient choices to select courses they prefer and it’s convenient for students to select courses across IOE departments. 
  3. Friendly staff and teachers are always there to support you.

What's it like to live and study in London?

London is a fascinating place, full of vigour and opportunities. Studying in London has been the most enjoyable experience for me.  

How did studying at the IOE help to get you to where you are now?

Lectures and seminars at the IOE are amazing and helpful. I attended lots of seminars during my Master's year and it is through a lecture that I got in touch with my current supervisor for my Psychology and Human Development PhD. 

There are also various teaching opportunities and volunteer chances for students to apply to. I applied to the teaching assistant position during my degree and it made me understand more clearly what students care most about in their learning and how to explain complex terms or concepts in an easy-to-understand way. I think these experiences are essential for my career development.

How have you applied the learning from your Master's degree in your PhD?

My study experience at the IOE made me feel more confident to handle my current research work. I also gained statistical analysis and IT skills which still benefit me a lot at present. 

What advice would you give to incoming students?

  • Plan early and think clearly: it is necessary for you to know what your aims are and what you would like to acquire from the IOE as early as possible.
  • Make full use of IOE resources: there are so many books, eBooks and other academic supporting resources in IOE, it is helpful for you to get familiar with how to use IOE library resources at the beginning of your degree. 
  • Ask questions: don’t be afraid to communicate with your teachers and peers, and discussions usually give you new ideas and inspirations.
  • Stay healthy both mentally and physically: take care of yourself and enjoy your time in London!