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Development Education Research Centre (DERC) publishes books to amplify research on global education

21 November 2023

The books focus on growth areas in current educational research, including education for sustainable development; global citizenship education; and development education.

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The publication of these books illustrates UCL’s commitment to research that focuses on education’s role in tackling global challenges. These pressing topics are at the forefront of the discussions going on within universities. The emphasis on education for sustainability and climate change education is particularly fitting as UCL prepares to attend COP28, the 28th United Nations Climate Change conference – which will be held in Dubai at the end of November. 

Boths books have been edited by DERC Director, Professor Douglas Bourn. 

The first, entitled Pedagogy of Hope for Global Social Justice: Sustainable Futures for People and the Planet, explores the educational role of hope as an approach to learning about global issues in different areas of the world. 

It is co-edited by Visiting Professor Massimiliano Tarozzi, UNESCO Chair in Global Citizenship Education in Higher Education. He says: “In these turbulent times when wars, climate change and pandemics seem to impose on us a bleak vision of the future, education should be able to instil a vision of hope that can overcome pessimism and help students to imagine possible worlds.” 

The second book, Research in Global Learning: Methodologies for global citizenship and sustainable development education, illustrates the various ways research can be undertaken – from document analysis to interviews, to longitudinal studies and ethnography. It is centred around four key themes: policy and practice; the role of teachers; higher education; young people; and students. 

Professor Bourn says: “The field of global learning and related areas of global citizenship and education for sustainable development have become increasingly popular in recent years. 

"Most of the publications to date have however focused on policy discussions and conceptual debates. This new publication showcases the outcomes of practical research that demonstrates the relevance of global themes to address today’s educational challenges in countries as diverse as Kazakhstan, Greece, Ghana, Israel, Pakistan and Turkey, as well as the regions of East Asia and the Caribbean.” 

The books also feature writing from DERC alumni and members of the Academic Network on Global Education and Learning (ANGEL), also co-founded by DERC. 

Research in Global Learning and Pedagogy of Hope for Global Social Justice will be officially launched at a hybrid event on 30 November.



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