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Researching the causes of eating disorders: the case of decision-making skills

26 February 2022

This podcast discusses research on the causes of different forms of eating disorder and the development of interventions aimed at reducing the severity and incidence of these.

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In particular, it considers new insights suggesting links with weaker decision-making skills and how the development of these skills might be supported. The recording includes conversation with a sufferer on her experiences of eating problems.

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Dr Amy Harrison

Dr Amy Harrison is Associate Professor. Amy trained as a clinical psychologist and previously delivered specialist eating disorder services in health settings. She joined IOE in 2016 and set up the FRIENDS lab (Furthering Research into Eating Disorders and Social Skills) to understand the difficulties with social life that can accompany eating disorders. View Dr Amy Harrison's research profile.

Dr Marta Francesconi

Dr Marta Francesconi is a lecturer and trained in the clinical, functional, neurocognitive, social cognitive and neurological soft signs assessment of young people. Her research interest is in children's and young adults’ mental health, particularly the identification of biomarkers predictive of mental health disorders and cognitive deficits. View Dr Marta Francesconi's research profile.

Dr Amy Harrison and Dr Marta Francesconi, who are joined by Chloe, who has a diagnosis of anorexia nervosa.