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Psychological research informing Ed Tech

27 February 2022

Educational technology such as apps and online resources to support learning is booming, from preschool to higher education and beyond, but how can we ensure it is well designed and effective?

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In this episode PHD colleagues discuss the features that mark out successful forms of ed tech and how research in psychology helps to identify and promote them.

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Elisabeth Herbert

Elisabeth Herbert is a programme director and lecturer at IOE. Following over two decades as a teacher, special educational needs and EMAS coordinator in special schools and a senior local authority advisor for language and literacy, Elisabeth joined IOE 10 years ago. She leads on various IOE taught master’s programmes on special and inclusive education, and has been involved with Knowledge Exchange projects and EdTech projects. View Elisabeth Herbert's research profile.

Dr Laura Outhwaite

Dr Laura Outhwaite is a Senior Research Fellow at IOE’s Centre for Education Policy and Equalising Opportunities (CEPEO). Laura’s expertise lies in psychology applied to education, particularly mathematical development, early years, and educational technology. She is currently conducting a systematic review on educational maths apps for children, as well as developing the Maths@Home app. View Dr Laura Outhwaite's research profile.

Dr Emma Sumner

Dr Emma Sumner is an Associate Professor and specialises in dyslexia and is a recognised specialist literacy teacher and assessor of literacy difficulties. Her teaching and research span the development of literacy skills and the presentation of literacy difficulties, cognitive development and learning, and social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. View Dr Emma Sumner's research profile.

Dr Zachary Walker

Dr Zachary Walker is Head of the IOE's Department of Psychology and Human Development. Zachary’s research focuses on inclusive leadership, innovative pedagogy and teaching practice, and international educational policy, formation and practice. View Dr Zachary Walker's research profile.