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US teacher arrives at IOE for distinguished fellowship

29 November 2021

Fulbright Distinguished Teacher Vickie Crockett has arrived at UCL Institute of Education's Centre for Teachers and Teaching Research to begin her research fellowship.

Vickie Crockett

The Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching programme recognises and encourages excellence in teaching in the US and abroad.

US teachers receive grants to study at a university, observe classes and complete a project related to their field of educational inquiry during their time abroad.

Vickie will be at the IOE until March 2022 conducting an action-research study on culturally inclusive teaching and learning and its impact on outcomes for non-majority students. This is an ongoing project that has been shared with schools in Georgia and California (USA) with a recent partnership in Brazil. While at the IOE, Vickie will be partnering with local schools to study effective strategies and to support outcomes for representative student communities.

Vickie is an educational professional with 23 years of instructional experience. She has spent over ten years working with middle school students and seven years teaching and mentoring high schoolers as they transition to college.

In the past six years, Vickie has worked with multiple school districts offering curriculum support and professional development training to optimise learning outcomes for non-majority students. Instructionally, Vickie specialises in reading, writing, literature, and interdisciplinary studies. Her work includes supporting struggling learners, designing accelerated curriculum for gifted students, and implementing authentic, problem-based learning programs with global applications.

Vickie has served in leadership roles within her specialisation, including mentor teacher, teacher leader, professional development presenter, interdisciplinary curriculum trainer, and departmental chair. In each role, she has provided research-based, innovative instructional strategies, as well as emotionally and culturally relevant learning.