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New journal edited by UCL Institute of Education academic launched

17 May 2021

Multimodality & Society, a new journal co-edited by UCL Institute of Education (IOE) academic Professor Carey Jewitt has launched.

A street in London where two people are walking. Image: José via Unsplash

Multimodality & Society is an inter-disciplinary journal that has been developed to systematically explore the ways in which we communicate and how this shapes and changes society, for instance in relation to how people use new media and technologies.

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The journal publishes new concepts, methods and frameworks for the collection and analysis of multimodality, that is visual, tactile, aural, olfactory, embodied, and spatial aspects of communication, interaction and environments, and the relationships between these.

It draws on multimodal work undertaken within a range of fields of application (e.g., health and well-being, work, formal and informal learning, leisure, governance and politics), and with respect to a range of topics (e.g., identity, social justice, and education). 

Professor Carey Jewitt said: 

I joined the IOE in 1997 to work with Professor Gunther Kress on the first UK funded (ESRC) project on Multimodality. In 2006 Gunther and I founded the Centre for Multimodal Research, which continues today to provide an international forum for innovative multimodal research at UCL. Multimodality & Society builds on and extends the legacy of Gunther Kress and the work of colleagues involved in multimodal research and teaching at UCL and beyond. It seeks to advance the development of multimodal research theory, methods and understanding of how multimodality shapes the social landscape of interaction and communication.”

Multimodality & Society is published by SAGE. The first issue is open access to all.