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Discrimination and the gender pay gap | RFTRW: S08E04

15 March 2021

A data-driven discussion with Professor Alex Bryson about the ways women and ethnic minorities experience discrimination in the labour market and what can be done to mitigate this.

Professor Alex Bryson, Research for the Real World podcast

Alex Bryson, Professor of Quantitative Social Science

An applied labour economist with a background in sociology, Professor Bryson’s research focuses on labour economics, employment relations and programme evaluation.

Dr Sam Sims hears about Professor Bryson’s work, including investigations into discrimination in the workplace across characteristics such as gender, race and sexuality, as well as wage and employment dynamics across professions.

How does discrimination help to explain gaps in wages between men and women and between white and Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) employees? And what role do the likes of policymakers and trade unions have to play in reducing gaps in pay and discrimination in the labour market?

Professor Bryson also explains how discrimination plays out in professional sport, despite the widespread use of analytics measuring athlete performance and productivity.

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