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How far does a teacher’s duty of care go? | RFTRW: S05E02

9 October 2020

Professor Gemma Moss talks to Dr Rob Webster about what research has uncovered during COVID-19 and what this means for our education system moving forward.

Professor Gemma Moss, Research for the Real World podcast

Gemma Moss, Professor of Literacy, International Literacy Centre

The pandemic has shone a light on the role of schools and their place in the community. You may have come across instances where teachers have gone above and beyond to ensure the welfare of children and their families by trying to meet gaps where existing health and social services have fallen short.

In order to make sense of all this, Professor Moss has led a study to track teachers’ responses to COVID-19 during lockdown and the reopening of schools. Over 1,600 teachers across England took part, with the results providing a series of insights that cannot be ignored.

The pair also discuss what happens next - is it a return to business as usual? What are the alternatives? How do you cater for a more resilient education system?

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