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Research-informed practice for History and Holocaust Education | RFTRW: S04E02

17 August 2020

We know that it’s important to learn about the Holocaust, but why?

Dr Alice Pettigrew, Research for the Real World podcast

Alice Pettigrew, Senior Research Associate, UCL Centre for Holocaust Education

Dr Humera Iqbal is joined by the UCL Centre for Holocaust Education’s (CfHE) Dr Alice Pettigrew, who has led research into national studies examining students’ knowledge and understanding of this complex historical event.

Students and teachers are enthusiastic about engaging with the topic, however, many significant gaps, inaccuracies and misconceptions abound. And with the rise of populism and accounts of racism and antisemitism, the imperative to learn from the past has never been more urgent.

We hear about what research-informed practice looks like through the work of CfHE in the classroom, which ranges from CPD courses through to the creation of classroom resources and local support for schools. Alice also addresses questions about relatability to stories and experiences, concerns about future generations unable to understand its impact, the role museums and technology can play, and more.

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