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IOE academic curates exhibition about living with cancer

5 April 2019

UCL Institute of Education (IOE) academic Dr Marquard Smith has curated an exhibition featuring work by award-winning artist Tom Corby on the experiences of living with cancer.

Artwork from 'Blood and Bones: Living with Cancer' exhibition. Image: Tom Corby, Blood & Bones: Living with Cancer

‘Blood & Bones: Living with Cancer’ features photography that combines quantitative medical data describing the artist’s bone marrow cancer with qualitative data generated by his personal experience of living with the illness.

The work captures both the clinical and personal experiences of the physical and emotional impact of living with cancer as a patient, artist, and human being.

The photography within the exhibition features shots of the types of headwear patients wear while undergoing chemotherapy as well as images that incorporate data visualisation and medical graphing to articulate personal data.

Blood & Bones: Living with Cancer runs until 24 April at The Street Gallery, University College Hospital (UCLH). 

The project is a collaboration involving UCLH Arts and Heritage UCLH NHS Foundation Trust’s arts programme. The exhibition, associated events and catalogue are funded by Macmillan Cancer Support.



Tom Corby, Blood & Bones: Living with Cancer