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Initial Teacher Education (ITE) Partnership

The IOE ITE Partnership is committed to developing intellectually curious, committed and critically reflective professional teachers who challenge inequities and transform lives through education.

The success of IOE’s ITE programmes is dependent on our strong and collaborative partnerships with schools, colleges and early years settings. IOE’s ITE Partners make a vibrant and distinctive contribution to IOE’s role as a world-leading university for education. Through partnership, all partners are enriched.

IOE works with over 600 hundred diverse schools, early years settings and colleges throughout the London area. These partners provide placements for our student teachers on our early years, primary, secondary and further education core PGCE programmes. 

We also have primary and secondary schools who partner with us through IOE’s Lead Partner Direct scheme

Across our PGCE programmes, partners take shared responsibility to help design and provide teaching placements that:

  • Develop student teachers’ subject- and phase-specific expertise 
  • Challenge and support student teachers to develop a deep understanding of evidence and practice 
  • Support student teachers to integrate critical and scholarly thinking with their teaching so they are equipped to make values-led and evidence-informed decisions  
  • Draw on the expertise of both university tutors and mentors in practice settings
  • Recognise, and capitalise on, the wealth of knowledge and diverse experiences of student teachers and mentors  
  • Have student teacher fulfilment and well-being at their core 

Find out about the many other reasons for partnering with IOE for both our core PGCE programmes and our Lead Partner Direct scheme.  

If you are interested in becoming an IOE ITE Partner, for example, by providing a placement for one of our student teachers, please contact: placements@ucl.ac.uk.