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VIRTUAL EVENT: COVID-19 survey in five national longitudinal studies, waves 1-3

17 June 2021, 2:00 pm–3:45 pm

Young woman wearing a face mask in the coronavirus pandemic. Image: Gustavo Fring via Pexels

This webinar gives an overview of the COVID-19 survey and data available, focusing on the content and dealing with non-response. We will also give examples of research using the COVID-19 data in the Centre for Longitudinal Studies (CLS) cohorts.

This event is free.

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Richard Steele, CLS Events Coordinator

During the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve run a series of surveys to find out about the experiences of the participants in five national longitudinal cohort studies.

This webinar gives an overview of the three waves of the survey, focusing on content, dealing with non-response and findings.

The three waves took place in May 2020, September 2020 and February to March 2021. Data collected in wave 3 should be available to researchers from June 2021, through the UK Data Service.

The webinar will be valuable to those who:

  • are interested in knowing what’s available in the COVID-19 surveys at each wave
  • would like to know how to deal with weighting and non-response in the COVID-19 surveys
  • would be interested in hearing examples of research on COVID-19 currently being conducted at CLS.


  • Kate Smith, Survey Manager, CLS
  • Richard Silverwood, Associate Professor, CLS
  • Vanessa Moulton, Senior Research Associate, CLS
  • Bozena Wielgoszewska, Research Associate, CLS.


Image: Gustavo Fring via Pexels